First Entry

Well i wanted to get a diary for this year since after all it is going to be one the craziest years of my life.. HAHA being a J2 is you know.. exciting but also really really scary

Anyways this blog can be my temporary diary before i finally get one to scribble into 🙂

the past two months starting from November 2012 has been months with mixed feelings… having successfully planned the Lasting Affair for the annual VIctorian Affair event left  me with that warm fuzzy feeling after seeing how everyone really had a great time!

Yet that was not the highlight of November, what came after that was even more special and meaningful! The trip to vietnam, Sapa with the 29th for some CIP work… well i  wont post any pics here (too lazy x.x haha) but yeah it was 10 days of eye-opening lessons – seeing the conditions of living there and how easily they were contented with whatever they had even though they didn’t have much 😥 

I fell sick for a day there and trust me i had never been worse in my life – vomited 10 times in the span of 3 and a half hours and constant stomach pains D: but it was in times of such sickness that allowed us ODACers come closer to share each others pains 🙂


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