last Friday marked the start of a challenging 3 days of intense training during our Instructors Training Camp 2013

Won’t go into the details of the camp just the geez of things cause the pain and all the bloodshed and tears can’t be described. THEY MUST BE EXPERIENCED


Anyways 9 Levels of Hell took place as the first activity thankfully i had OG filming so i could miss part of it XD but trust me the other exercises were equally tough! Alligator push-ups to write out GIANT letters, few thousand dips, crunches and push ups each… arms and legs burning like HELL 


Well that was just the appetiser haha but anyways the next day we were supposed to reach school by 7 but DEAR OH DEAR my tooth hurt like shit in the morning (I postponed a potential root canal OP so i guessed it was reacting quite badly ): givindg me no choice but to search for my pain killers to ease the pain) but OH GOSH i forgot to call the rest of them and so i was late for DAY 2 <SORRY LAND CHIEFS KT AND MF!)

HAHA so i started out skipping one station and a run to katong park from school shit i felt super bad but oh well )’: anyways it was the traditional duck walk on the foot reflexology rocks which seriously muscled every nerve of pain within me and surged right through my brain >( but as ODACers we never gave up and persisted *OLC 2012 MEMORIES*

As we wrapped up each stations, running around the southern part of SG which included a deathly commando crawl up fort canning and some hornet attack drills (sigh still hate them) we ended off our URBAN EXPEDITION


Sea Ex was pretty slack just that a Single kayak is NOT EASY TO CONTROL especially since it was ages since i kayak in one HAHAH we made a short trip to kallang basin and had a try-out at kayak polo #yolo experience indeed!


Headed off to Ubin after that and it was a rather sian feeling cause having to sleep solo in the environment of Ubin is really something you shouldn’t feel glad about! Crazy invincible mosquitoes and other weird insects! oh well at least we had a great field cooking session at Julutong beach having great mushroom soup and WRAPS! WHIRLWIND FOR THE WIND!!!



credits to KT!

The night scene was really really pretty too!


hardly see such sights even at ECP… real spectacle 🙂

haha dinner whoosh by too too quickly didn’t had much HTHT time with ZG WM and KT but well there will be a next time, right Guys!

Solo walk and sleep was impending >.< only till Ms Ng said we need not solo sleep haha (we don’t sound very ODACerish here but trust me no one likes sleepung alone in Ubin)

HAHA so with a light heart solo walk passed, it wasn’t that scary with the full moon and with the faith that God is always with me, guiding and watching over me 🙂 it was really heartening picturing him as I completed the walk HAHA the attempt to tricj MF, KT and ZG that i was possessed worked LOL i ignored their calls and it really scared the SHIT outta them XD

We headed back to Julutong beach to camp for the night in anticipation of Ubin ex the next day. TIRED

Woke up to freaking hell lot of sandfly/mosquito/insect bites the next day #consequenceofsleepingnearthebeach SIGH SIGH now my hand make me seem i have contracted a disease ):

anyways ubin ex was filled with more more running, GETTING LOST OOOPS HAHA and more running shan’t blog abt it cause it will be too long! 

the camp ended off with VICTORY ROAD AND PIONEERING but shall share more during the actual OLC 2013 when the trainees come in!

for now here’s some pics we took at ubin!


At Puaka Hill! 😀


slacking when we should be finishing up the stations 😛


cause we’re too cool for Ubin EX!


oops did we get lost :O


Julutong Campsite where i fed the sandflies and insects SOBZ

(credits to GZ!)

Darren 🙂


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