Treasure the ones who are here don’t regret it when they’re gone.

So tmr’s hair for hope where we shve to make a bald statement to show children who are battling cancer that it is okay to be bald. 

Amidst all the hoo-ha about tmr-seeing people bald, can’t wait to see friends shave etc.. a thought of shving similarly crossed my mind, not ike it had not before but i had actually put it off owing to my vainess of wanting to keep my hair

yet one thing that cause this thought to resurface was my Uncle, a very dear uncle to me one whom i would say i am closest to, one whom i can talk to the easiest and one whom i share many common interests with

yup that is Uncle Ellil and while browsing through my facebook photos i realised that i have not taken a picture with him since this in 2010 which really stunned me, not saying that i hardly interacted with him but maybe these are signs where i need to show more love to the ones whom are close to me

he’s really an awesome uncle and the reason why i thought of him before shaving is because he was diagnose with rectum cancer in early 2011 just right after this trip to Korea and it was a huge shock for he was always exercising, keeping fit and doing all sorts of engaging activities. but life ultimately is not fair and so things as such happen

yet in spite of all these set back having to carry a waste bag with him for the rest of his life after his op, he still remained as jovial and optimistic as like any normal person would, sometimes even more optimistic than me 

he continue with his walks (can’t really run now cause it is not very comfortable) and is slowly walking increadibly long distances which is a major source of encouragement to many out there especially after meeting Mr Tan Chuan-Jin at some walking event with some other cancer patients due to their involvement in organinsing activities for the cancer patients as well as survivors alike

i don’t know uncle ellil if you would read this one day but i just want you to know how proud i am to be your nephew, and in spite of all the initial pain you suffered you are back stronger than ever 

and so back to the thought of shaving, it has been 2 plus years since he was diagnosed and now everything seems to be back to normal for him and those around him but i am sure everyday is a hard one for him and it really makes me wonder that with a shave tmr maybe it will encourage him to fight harder and even ward off the illness to be fully recovered and no longer bearing any bad cells. 

it’s not really about the hair after all he was bald right from the start and it’s the thought of love, he is a very special uncle of mine and i really want to show more love because if not now, then when? 


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