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Happy Day

Really great day today, a day of rest and fun with Ah ma’s Birthday celebrations ah Moi Lum today, helped eased all the stress from me and somehow put me at peace,

think i spoke about ah ma before and how we always get pretty emotional over stuff at times, we laugh and cry together, despite half broken conversations in teochew and mandarin but her love is always unchanging and forever there :’) ❤

some of the cousins!

love this pic everyone’s so cheery haha!


family 🙂

but yeah tonight was well-spent catching up with the cuzzies, talking about life, bgr LOL LW jie has brought her bf too, questions him on so many things and even having a nice chat about what he enjoys doing was so refreshing, so glad i chose to come, can’t imaging dying at home alone reading geog notes ugh. but yayy mooncakes today too!! (means extra calories, but WHO CARES) loved this jasmine flovoured one, it was so unique (sorry was lazy to take pics) HAHA

10 more weeks to freeeeeeedom!!!

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