December 2013 came and gone like the wind, enter 2014 – new year, new hopes and dreams

Wow, been long since I last posted something here, so sorry for somehow not updating about life and…

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December 2013 came and gone like the wind, enter 2014 – new year, new hopes and dreams

Wow, been long since I last posted something here, so sorry for somehow not updating about life and stuff, cause the past month have been such a crazy month with both its highs and lows with experiences that are hard to come by and feeling you just want to get rid off.

But here I am back after a mad rush to Phuket with the ODAC kiddos, going for prom and then UK trip with family before coming back for farewell and night cycling with none other than the 29th πŸ™‚ To pen down specifically all details about each event would be INSANE cause there were just too many things to cover. So with pictures, I hope it will be sufficient to share the joys I had in this post A level month.


And off we go!


in the coach on the way to the HotelImage

snorkelling first beach stop!Image

front seat buddies with fauz πŸ™‚Image


After a day out at sea snorkelling


weird poses at the waterfall HAHA


Those who challenged against the crazy currentImageImageImageImage

lovely weather at Patong BeachImage

Phuket with the ODACers was a chill 5 days with the peeps trying out new adventurous activities.

Snorkelling that was kinda disappointing cause of the dead corals, ATV rides which I crashed halfway cause of not noticing the bump in front HAHA, riding on the elephant which was surprisingly more comfortable than I thought, even white water rafting with two really enthusiastic guides and go karting (which I somehow was pretty afraid to step on the accelerator and go at top speed.) and of course paint ball

The remaining time was spent shopping and chilling at the beach:)

A trip with people who mean the most to me in the past 2 years, some of which studies so hard together in nlb months leading up to the big exams, others are soccer buddies and close pals with many common topics of interests!

The time in Phuket led to many self discoveries- both physically and mentally

On one side, I’m not the bravest person around, with the fear of taking risks, life hands you a great deal of situations that involves risk taking and going into the army soon will definitely throw me into many new scenarios, really gotta find ways to up my risk appetite HAHA

Anyways, found myself ridiculously awkward at times, like sometimes I just don’t know what to say even to friends whom I have talked to so frequently in school? hahaha it just happened, like as we stroll along the streets amidst all the buzzing around, I just can’t come up with words to keep things going and feeling all sunny inside, yet on the flip side I can have so many things to say and when comments come in, the sensitivity in me rises beyond lightyears.

Sometimes I wish I can be a more balanced person looking back, right from the start had I been more emotionally sensitive to others, work on my awkward meter and just change so many things of myself would I be in a better position now?

Times have passed and no use brooding over it haha but I must say the trip has taught me so much and I really hope for a trip with this bunch in future again, maybe somewhere farther, for a longer period and doing crazier things. Love this lot of friends πŸ™‚

Prom was up next and wow everyone sure look very much different in their suits/dresses and make-up hahaha πŸ™‚ It was a night with different groups of friends- class, odac, orientation just a night to relax enjoy food and take photos with everyone you see. won’t upload them here cause it’ll be too many pictures but will do so on facebook soon!

Last but not least it was family holiday to Paris and UK!!!

was anticipating the trip so badly cause it’s the two ideal places I’ve been wanting to visit since I don’t know when haha and it was really a dream turned into reality.

I won’t bore you guys with the details hahahah! But in short, paris is a really relaxing city in spite of being the capital and all, the setting with limestone buildings gives the roads a gentle tone and with many of the buildings not as tall as the blocks of flats seen in Singapore, everything seems to take a slow. The attractions are really really scenic – Notre Dame, Eiffel, Louvre Museum, love lock bridge and so many many more. One thing visitors to Paris must know is that Paris is a different city at different timings. Dawn, morning, afternoon, evening and night. The dream is to go back there to capture the different attractions at different timings with the one tha really holds dear to me.

As for London, it’s much more different, the weather at that period was harsher, colder winds and it was often drizzling ): not ideal for a holiday at all hahaha but yeah the sights were equally scenic apart from the really ideal holiday locations outside London haha Β I would say London will be more interesting in other seasons instead of Winter! Not just will the weather be better but the parks and all will be blossoming with a wide array of flowers and it will be magnificently pretty, will definitely pay the city a visit in future too!!

for now I’ll leave ya with the link for the photos!

to get a taster and see what it exactly is like. Enjoy and chao!


miracles do happen and for now I’m really praying for one to happen in my life right now.