Be grateful for the smallest of things.


Been several days since the horror occurred, but through this all I’m beginning to pick up several lessons which I figured would not have matter to me if I were back in camp now.
Thankful for friends who care and show concern when you’re down, many platoon mates all wishing me well and asking me to stay strong, will really miss them with the fact we can’t pop together. But also glad to have met some close friends there even though it’s just a month.
Even more thankful for these few who came over (plus melv but he left early) and just sit around sharing about life, Lol counting melv’s pay and just hearing my story of how it all happened.
Life is that fragile and unexpected and when things turn for the worse, look not at what tragedy may unfold before your eyes but what may be presented to you as a gift through the tumultuous period.


Thanks for the spiritual encouragement ming and for the faith you have in me to rise back up from this fall. This is just a new challenge set out for me in 2014 and I’m just living it and ready to say: “Yes. I have overcame it!”


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