I want my life back.


Thanks for coming bros, means a lot to take time off precious book out to come and see how I’m getting along. Especially since your field camp is next week! All the best guys, know y’all will do odac proud.
Been a week now since the nightmare, been settling at home pretty well I would say apart from the increasing muscle aches I get at my calves and lap which has gone blue-black because of adding too much pressure on. But life home now is quite dull and mundane since I can’t do anything I want or hope to do.
Still in the early stage of this comeback, not knowing of the diagnosis plagues me with fear sometimes. I really hope to face it real soon and learn that my condition will be Alright. There will be more physio sessions in the midst of recovery, before I can finally walk normally, with ease or even run again.
Really learnt how to treasure what I used to have, what I would say I have taken for granted.
Oh God bless me please, bless me with a speedy recovery.
I wanna do my extreme sports again, I want my route marches, I want my field camp, I want my btp, my bic, I want to POP.
so help me.


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