I need strength.

It’s amazing how a simple text message can be so taunting. To get a text from my sergeant saying maybe I need not do bmt again by just going for my live firing really hit me hard. Cause the fact that I still can’t walk is really What’s driving me up the wall. So many things I can’t do, so many doubts and worries.
Every night I sleep hoping to be able to ditch the crutches and stand once again on my own two legs, literally. Having been to two open houses on crutches and using the wheelchair while meeting so many people was a whole different experience. Knowing that so many people out there cares and at the same time realizing how badly you had screwed up really tears one to pieces.
Gonna see the sports doctor in three days and to get my diagnosis of whether my army life can be salvaged and steered back on path. I fear the worst, and I know I can manage this alone. I pray for strength from anywhere, that additional push to get me through this nightmare and ordeal.
Praying for some good news this coming Wednesday and praying that I can at least walk soon.


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