Mum cried. It wasn’t an uncommon sight, just one I didn’t like. She bemoaned having to see her son suffer such an injury after we started discussing how to make our way down to the floating platform for it will be truly a great hassle and felt worried of how I would feel seeing my friends throw their jockey caps into the blue sky.
However, that was the one month ago Darren.
Seeing another doctor today, it was going to be difficult to recount the whole story again and bringing another party through that horrific accident but I was unusually cool. We discussed and understood the course of action better and turns out, the situation wasn’t as bad as how I feared it to be.
Yet it evolved into a light hearted session, learning from the doc of how he treated a similar case where this cadet was about to finish his ocs course and was dealt such a blow. What shocked me further was how he believed in me, believed that I can recover well enough and promised if really possible, to help me eventually to go through bmt again. Everyone that I have spoken too either passed of insensitive remarks of how I have a more relaxed life now or felt that I shouldn’t have any idea of wanting to return.
For that last two weeks I have sort of given up partially at the thought of making a comeback, cause even the doctors before, crushed every bit of hope in me. But not this new guy.
There were parts of the conversations which I will remember as sentences that gave me new hope, but I shall spare you the details.
Have got to thank such wonderful parents who go all out just to find the best solutions to such problems. Without them this new hope wouldn’t have surfaced.
Yet what is the main drive of this entry is to show the big difference doctors can be in one’s lives. If any of you are reading this are current doctors in practise or doctors to be, be doctors who are heroes. Don’t be doctors who just eye the monetary remuneration, cause there are doctors who are really like that and it irks me. Your words affects patients a great deal so speak wisely. Can’t emphasise how important is it to have a doctor with good ethics.
It was a bumpy month and not to get my hopes up too high but today is the first day since that fateful day where I feel hopeful, optimistic and ready for battle. Mum don’t feel sad cause, to those who have written me off to not being able to do those stuff again, I’m ready to re start this journey and it will begin right after the op with rehabilitation and physio.
Today’s a breakthrough.


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