Stitches off! It’s been an uphill battle since a month ago and glad to say that the scary part is over and my knee has been repaired (though I’m still wearing the brace for precaution.)
Yet when I look at my leg now and even when I close my eyes and feel the operated areas there is that bump that remains, that thin line, that scar.
So many times people get hurt, not just physically like this but more so, emotionally. The pain suffered may not necessarily be expressed on the outermost layer but what is common to a physical injury is that that pain leaves a scar, a scar that can be repaired but never cleaned off.
This line here will be here forever, 10 years, 20 years down the road and when I look at it I’ll no doubt remember the horrific incident that took place then. Before I reach the death bed I have to find the reason for that happening and someday I can finally understand all that I have gone through, but the sad reality of that occurring will never be lost.
Similarly, have you ever fought so hard in love that you got wounded so bad that the scar is ever so deep? The idea of moving on is so difficult but is the only way out? It takes a while but that’s not the worst part. The worst comes when you thought you have done so but in the end you still can’t do it.
To see that special someone after a long time and trying to treat her as a normal friend is a tough job trust me, but it can be done, in fact this part is pretty easy. You just don’t try to start any conversations, keep it cool if she comes to you and try to minimize any interaction and you’ll be fine.
But gosh how superficial and silly to assume that doing so will keep your feelings at bay. If you truly like her, that love is scar deep and by that, it takes more than a lack of communication to relinquish all feelings you have.
Often, we dream of waking up to someone we so dearly want to wrap our hands around, smiling when we see this person rousing from the warm blanket sheets and frowning at her disrupted sleep but we just want to plant a kiss on her forehead for how cute she gets when she’s grumpy.
Ever loved someone’s invigorating scent so much you just hope to nestle in her embrace and accompany her through the night?
Truth is, our physical bodies may try to prevent us from getting even more hurt from a failed relationship, but our mental self, the portion that has got scarred through the process may not back down as it invites such thoughts of happiness we could get with that special someone we desire.
The pain and longing is still due to that scar that has never gotten removed and if we don’t find ways to remove it, no one is going to be even more hurt but ourself.


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