Life has hit a new level of monotone not because there isn’t anything to do, cause honestly I have many things to keep myself occupied with. That being said though, it’s wonderful to have found people whom you know you can confide in during times of distress. (you know who you guys are thanks so much for being there)But friends are friends, and when not all are in unison, the community will cease to exist. It has been a while since this small part of a particular community died in me and that community having been a main character in my life for a long time has left life a little more than fuzzy. Fuzzy and confused as to what now?
Is there a way to get this community back to how it was a few years ago, now?
Like how stories are plotless without a main character, life is pointless without a sense of community.


Treasure the good times while it lasts don’t live to regret anything. Really love this picture a lot cause everyone’s so happy and carefree. No baggages or what nots, just 13 free-spirited adventurous souls ready to conquer the world. ❤ #tbt


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