What I’ve been up to!


The week where mum finally agreed to let me take public transport just in time to support this superstar! 🏆


And of course couldn’t ask for a better group to return for a day of match support. Became a student again HAHA


Had a ridiculously fun outing with the cousins but sadly I played no part in the hilarious dance central games. 😦 totally would have rocked it.


Day out with rou where we decided to go for match support as students HAHA. Thanks friends for a lot of things you have done through the really dark periods during the start of the year. 🙂


HAHA epic day after finding a buddy who too didn’t watch x men, thought I was the only one left! Did lots of retarded things in Cathay that day and going back to school that day only to be called a girl by the security guard 🙎like what the!! HAHA but still memorable day 🙂


Master chef in me couldn’t help it!!! Too long since I last whipped something up. Teriyaki marinated jap chae noodles!


Solo walk (in the bright light of the terribly hot sun to east coast. Had a good moment to ruminate about life and listened in with expert ninja skills on a father and son conversation. Check my insta for what was the conversation exactly about! Something worth reading!)


And finally today, quick morning workout and meetup with puah before she leaves for HK tmr (stay safe and have fun!!!) Then rushing back to fetch sis to her party LOL, followed a brave solo venture to chock full of beans. Felt as though I was getting judged visiting a cafe alone. Don’t be fooled by the nice pic though, the coffee tasted really ordinary and sitting outside with no a/c was a disaster 😦 swamped with mosquitoes and it was so 🔥🔥🔥

That has been almost everything done in the last two weeks! Wow long post HAHA, to make up for the inactivity of late. Bye for now!


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