4 Steps when facing a really huge setback.

Life is full of setbacks whether you like it or not. At times, unfortunate events occur when we least expect it leaving us broken and drives out our sanity. It could be a failed relationship, where the love isn’t mutual or a physical injury when a person needs his body to be at its fittest. Sometimes, it is the smallest of personal matters that may eventually amount to something gargantuan. Like how a pitcher launches a fast ball, we can never claim to be ever ready in handling setbacks that bolt out from nowhere. After all, we are just humans.

As a nineteen year old who has not step into the adult world, it will be bigotry to say that I’ve overcome the toughest of setbacks in my life for there’re still plenty untold stories and tons of setbacks yet to be conquered. But I can confidently say that these 4 steps helped me climb back up after falling into a pit.

1)      Accept it.

Sadly, the first step is probably the hardest step. Sometimes it may become hard to believe how horrible life is. Everything seems like scenes in a movie and you want to believe all is but a nightmare in a horror flick. Numerous people give up and because of that, never stood a chance in overcoming their failures. However, you can’t run away, not now. Find a friend, someone you can really trust. Confide in him/her and hear what he/she has to say. They may not know everything, but at least you get to hear things from another perspective and someone other than yourself who can convince you to accept whatever that has happened. Without accepting what has happened, you will never be healed 100% and this will hinder your ability to become stronger in handling future catastrophes.

2)      Let Things Go.

The past is the past, there’s no point in harping on whatever that has happened. You’ve got to put down any old baggage and learn to forget the things which have hurt you. While accepting is difficult, this step usually takes the longest. Once in a while, you might come across pictures or messages which may remind you of the past. Initially, there is a chance where you start feeling all depressed again but as time passes, learn to chuck them aside whenever you see it. Stop placing any importance with those items and if you really need to, why not put them in the bin? Be patient and let time do its work.

3) Find a New Purpose.

Everything happens for a reason. Look out for any plausible universal signs for why something happened in your life and search for that new goal. There could be something greater in store for you so let it go already and start finding the new direction in which you were meant to head for. To take on something new is challenging but it serves not only as a distraction to get over the incident but also helps you explore things which you may have never considered looking into had this unexpected event not occur. There are always silver linings amidst the grey clouds.

4) Move on.

Upon setting yourself with a new path, drop everything of the past. This is a novel start. Whatever painful story you had in the past is over and it’s now time for you to re-write that horrible incident with something more amazing. Something which only can be done by no one else, but you.

A setback will only be seen as insurmountable unless you begin perceiving it as a challenge and stand up to annihilate it. No doubt sometimes, no matter how hard you try things may not seem to get any better. All your efforts might have wrung you dry, but never cease to believe that with time and staying positive, eventually you can escape any hell hole. With this new armoury, stop lying down and whining of how life’s unfair towards you. Pick yourself up today and be fearless in your conquest in defeating anything that stands in your way. Remember, it’s never too late to tell yourself that you’ve had enough and it’s time to move on!13937775141565615938


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