Going solo


The book cafe!


Classic apple pie ($4.95) and a mocha brew ($5. 65)

Went on several mini adventures over the past few days just to spend some time alone. At first, the idea of visiting cafes alone seemed like a crazy thing to do since many usually go  in a group or at least with a friend or two.
Yet the few hours spent at the book cafe were therapeutic and relaxing to a point that I could stay there alone for the whole day. They had a great selection of jazzy, blues kinda music and the cafe’s book themed surely catches one’s eye. The books there are free for browsing and I would say it’s a simple and quiet place to catch up on your favourite reads or just have a meet up with one or two pals. Not only do the staff really make you feel at home (they helped me shift a table to the sofa seat I had, they served with a smile :-))
Their pastries and drinks are quite reasonable, won’t say it’s cheap but for around $12 per person you can have a pretty good dessert and a wide range of coffee or tea to choose from.
Definitely a place to visit again maybe with others in the future!


At t2 to send Isaac off!

Sent Isaac off today for his jcc in Brunei and seeing this buddy go one step closer to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a pilot really made me wonder about dreams of my own. To be very honest I don’t really have a very solid goal or one fixed dream to attain, unlike many.  Cause for me there are more to just the end product of say being a famous writer, producer, director or presenter one day. There are definitely more fulfilling things than just achieving that objective and today led me on to think of the steps I have to take to move closer to turning those thoughts into reality. Certainly something which is easier said than done but right now it’s been difficult finding breakthroughs and new breakdowns in these areas, which has given my mind sort of something like a mental block :/ let’s hope it fizzles out soon.
Till then!


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