Why I can’t sit in an office.

Hi guys, I’m back!

This week has gone by RIDICULOUSLY slowly, unlike past weeks when I would get out of bed at 11 and poof! the next thing you know it, it’s dinner time. After a six and a half month lay-off, I’m no longer on MC and yes, back in camp. Tekong- to be exact.

So my daily routine is something like this:

Wake up at 6.45am

Board bus 9 towards SAF ferry terminal

Change my 11B for a military pass

Board the ferry

Report at the office at 8am

Sit down and down absolutely nothing till lunch

Have lunch

Return to office

Sit down and down absolutely nothing till 5pm

Pack up

Leave the office

Scan my pass

Board the ferry

Return to SAF ferry terminal and change my pass for my 11B

Exit the terminal

Cross the road

Board bus 9 Back home

So for five days consecutively, I was doing this (except for like MPS, physio and my night class on friday) the rest of the time I was stuck in the cycle, unable to break free.

and that sucked…

Me all day errday.

Sitting in the office while waiting for time to pass, second by second was one of the most torturous things I have ever done. Okay, actually I had things to do la (studying, reading a book) BUT STILL. Being confined to an area to do your own thing isn’t doing your own thing haha, unlike doing them in your house where you can roam to anywhere you wanted whenever you felt like it. But we have to accept it, since it’s the military anyway.

These five days though did make me pause to think what office jobs would be like in the future and you know what, it will most likely (though not entirely but it’ll largely be similar :O minus the being confined to one area part) but seriously, think about it.

You drag yourself out of your bed (A little different here, you turn to your partner and see her smile which lightens your mood a bit, recalling the crazy time you had in bed the night before)

But then it’s back to boarding that bus (or maybe your car to work)

You sit in your chair at your desk, read your emails, organize some files, review some presentations, check to ensure you have what you need, gather for the meeting and phew, it’s lunchtime.

So you run out of office to the nearby hawker centre (working still must save money right) grab a packet of chicken rice and maybe a teh peng (iced tea) and chow down as fast as you can before your boss grumbles to you about taking too much time off for lunch.

Thus you race back to office, back in your desk, redo whatever that needs redoing, help out with your colleagues, probably meet your boss again to discuss corporate strategy and wait at your desk for the clock to strike five before you pack up and leave (that, probably applies to your lucky days where you need not stay till ten and clock in overtime. Which probably happens more than 50% of the time.)

Then you head out of that chilly air-conditioned room breathing in the fresh air after a long day’s of work, only to freeze in the bus or in your car, impatiently honking away while you get caught in the evening jam (face it, whether it’s the bus or car, you can never run away from jams at such a timing.)

You finally reached home and see the smile of your love (which i didn’t have for my 5 days, okay la my Mum counts right) and sink into your sofa, remove your tie while you douse in her aroma as she massages you and ask about your day (I only doused myself in greasy sweat of army guys) and that’s probably the end of the nightmare.

So apart from having your other half to come home to, I for one can’t imagine going to office from 8-5, 5 days a week. IT”S JUST INSANE (currently using this word a lot, so pardon me) but yes I shouldn’t be complaining especially having the privilege to go home everyday to see my loved ones but it does increase my desire to find work in a non-office environment in future.

To see something new every alternative day would be a dream and of course meeting different people every now and then would be a huge blessing 🙂 and although these “fantasies” are just all in my head, there’s this serious drive to turn them into reality.

Well, on a more serious note, I’m glad to be officially moving on to my next phase of my army life having not been doing much the last few months, as I saw my other buddies accomplishing so many new feats. Although I’m not entirely looking forward to this administrative role, who knows what’s to come and what new things can be learnt 🙂

For now, I’ll have to find a way to make the hands of the wall clock move faster, just by staring at them.

Till the next time!


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