Seizing the opportunity and GO.

After months of studying something which I use to distract myself from the aftermath in March, things are coming to a standstill!
My writing has been infrequent, I hardly have time to pause and think about things around me. Instead I spend most or in fact all of my time reading financial statements and what nots. (Well you could say I had a choice, and it’s not that I hate all these studying, it’s just something I do not truly enjoy)
So just this morning I chanced upon #passionpassport ‘s very own bucketlist challenge and it just hit me all that instantly that this is a chance not to be missed.
For months along the way, I lost that little hope that I would be able to travel and document my adventures for those who love travelling cause so many people been telling me it’s hard, you won’t survive and all things practical.
Yet when something like this comes by, you simply can’t sit back and take in what others tell you. I have no experience in travel writing and only recently started to learn some amateurish stuff about filming but I’m so stoked and hyped to give this bucketlist thing a go.
such windows hardly come by and it’s a sign to ditch the books and chase after the thing I truly desire- learning more about the world and its people one foot at a time.


A step closer to my Turkey dream maybe?

Photo credits: @ahmet.erdem


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