If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail- a common adage, which has been reiterated by many in our adolescent years- teachers, parents, and elders. Growing up in an Asian society is the epitome of this idiom. Since then, nothing seemed to be doable before coming up with several full proof plans and obviously, as a result there weren’t many plans to begin with.

As I grew older this stigma of not having a detailed plan for my every move was an insignificant but lingering nuisance in me. Gradually I became more paranoid, over thinking scenarios, more indecisive and I saw myself not willing to take risk. There’s a very grey line between risk and stupidity, where the latter involves acting without considering blatant and inherent risks presented in a situation.

Yet to what extent should we plan? For we can plan up till the most minute of details but the end result are more often or not, uncontrollable.

This post was not planned. Rather it was a flashing thought as I happen to plan my maiden solo voyage overseas to Melbourne and was enthralled with the thought of hiking solo along the Chautauqua Trail in the Grampians while being so close to Mother Nature. The hesitation set in only after reading that the trail involved the need to overcome steep boulders.

An immediate consideration was whether the trail will be too risky having recovered from a severe injury a year ago. The conservativeness of Asian parents did not exactly help either when I was advised against trying to conquer the highest peak in the Grampians.

I needed a plan, a shorter route to the summit maybe? None. What about a more gradual path? Negative. Guided tours? They didn’t fit into my travel schedule. So it seemed that a trip to the Grampians was about to fall through since I did not have concrete plan and without a plan I will eventually fail won’t I?

We’ve all come to a point in time when we gave up on something when we couldn’t establish a definite goal. Most of us draw motivation from having a tangible target, an outcome we envision. But when was the last time you chose to go ahead with things amidst a foggy journey. If all is but a thorn-less path then where is the pride in having taken a leap of faith and having tried?

The route ahead may seem uncertain as you make certain key decisions but nothing is entirely in our control.  There will come a time in your life where you look back and thank yourself for making that decision.

And in the entirety of this post, Grampians here I come.