The sunset at Sydney before boarding my connecting flight

Auckland was another cosmopolitan city, bustling with life as soon as you head straight into the heart of the CBD. I took the skybus out from Auckland International Airport (NZD$16 one-way and $28 return) and alighted along Queen Street, a main street in the Auckland CBD.


My hostel was literally opposite the Auckland Skytower

I tried my best to fit in upon arriving, especially since my mini Asian frame was not helping. Turns out, with each turn of the street I was seeing so many Asian faces that it felt just like Melbourne.

If you have a copy of Lonely Planet’s travel guide, they have a pretty comprehensive 3.5 km city walk, which takes about 4 hours to cover. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) I left my guide behind so all I could do was choose a location and head towards it.


Auckland Town Hall. Fancy a show anyone?

Having not done any research, I decided to just follow the direction of the sunset and go to wherever it took me. I found myself walking down Queen Street. With numerous shopping malls to my left and right it was tempting to take a detour to see what was going on in each smaller lane, but the alluring sunset, kept me on my path.


Got carried away and went on without having a picture of the main entrance sign till a little later

In no time, I found myself at Wynyard Quarters, a wharf area with several bars and a place for sails and larger boats to dock. The walk was a rather longer one, about 2Km from my hostel (Surf n Snow Backpackers).



But it was all so worth it, just check out the view. On the way back I couldn’t but take more pictures of the emerging nightlife under the twilight.


Didn’t plan to stay long in Auckland but this sunset was a real treat.

Stay tuned for more!