Don’t Let Small Failures Blind you from Bigger Goals

Finally back writing. Have not been writing as frequently ever since I took up ACCA (an accounting qualification) whilst serving in the Army.

But guess what? Someone’s finally free!! Finally completed my mandatory national service 2 months ago. Indeed, mundane 2015 ended off nicely with a trip to Melbourne followed immediately with a successful, crazy trekking expedition up Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia.

It was my first time going off on a solo adventure (despite it being only for a week). But I definitely need to go for another solo adventure in the near future.

Great to be back climbing after so long.

Cycled for 50km from Lilydale to Warburton

And yes! Brighton Beach. Feeling the wanderlust yet?

Atop Mount Rinjani! (the climb was insane, was literally dying)

The bestest bunch to do crazy things together

It would be inaccurate to say that 2016 got off to a bad start. Rather, I have never welcomed a year in such a hyped up, exciting fashion before and for that I figured that everything will only get better.

Indeed, it did get better, MET FUNFORLOUIS HAHA



Thereafter, it was a harsh return to reality. I scrambled to finish my resume for it to be sent to multiple companies hoping to secure a media-related internship particularly in the fields of videography or journalism.

For the past two years, my interest in filming and writing grew substantially (okay I did not quite write that much). When I was helplessly confined to my bed, I spent almost everyday finding interesting content to satisfy the inner desire of wanting to learn more of whatever that was going on around the world.

So I figured that the best way to learn was probably an internship?? After all, you get to see how the real world is like, how things are done and pick up new skills.

Yet, 12 companies and 2 weeks later, I did not get accepted by any of them. Bottom line is, the media industry is a really tough place to be in (and yes I had been warned).

Either way, it was disappointing having tried so hard just to craft out a resume let alone write that many cover letters. At one moment, I even doubted my own ability to do well in this industry. Were my writings sub-par? And my videos too amateurish?

To see yourself fail at meeting your first goal in 2016 can be kind of deflating especially when an opportunity of learning falls through your grasp.

But that was only a small goal in what is to be an exciting year.

I wanted to intern at a startup, learn how one is actually built while taking my journalism and videography game up a notch by learning from professionals. Despite that being out the picture, it is no excuse to drop that goal. Sure there isn’t anyone to guide me but who says you can’t learn stuff from the internet.

Keep the bigger picture in mind and work towards it. Come up with new plans that will lead you towards the larger goal and you are still on the right track.


For now, I have succumbed to the routine lifestyle. Ugh (have yet to muster the courage to drop everything and go.)


I will continue to make Youtube videos. The goal of making films is very much alive despite it being in its infancy. Determined to work really hard on it.


Shameless plug

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