It’s been a challenging year so far and it’s not getting easier.

Have probably neglected this space quite a bit since a small breakthrough in one of my previous post.
A post which I believed served its use, a post which I thought will guide me from strength to strength.
But then came a really turbulent period (current still feels like it) and thus it’s has been difficult for me to say anything here. I’ve indeed been on a hiatus with regards to my writing not cause I have lost the interest but I always believed a good piece of writing has to do with the goodness that comes from whitin. And by not being very well as of now, I’ve thus decided to take a break for a while to do some much needed soul searching.
Recently, the way I’ve acted could have been in someways immature. Some words I’ve said or my figures of speech have probably left some in disappointment? I’m not sure, just making some wild guesses based on my sensitive nature but I’m trying to be honest here and I hope you’ll forgive me whomever I may have hurt.
To have come back from a huge setback only to be thrown into a pretty long period of confusion and a loss of life’s direction is really just so overwhelming, which led me become desperate in a number of ways? Desperate for people to understand, desperate to find things to do, desperate to make myself useful.
But suddenly I’ve reached a point where I just don’t want anything or anyone, I just need some time to think and think real hard of what I’m exactly going through.

This is a super weird post which I hope y’all will pardon me if I’ve once again said something incorrectly or put things in any inappropriate ways. I just felt I needed to let some things out, just a bit, to try to understand myself once again.

2014 you’ve started off real badly, got me excited for a new phase of life, before taking everything away and throwing me into temporary hell and made me feel so great for getting out of it and now you hand me this extremely complex puzzle. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it, but no matter how long it’ll take me, I’m gonna unravel it bit by bit till it all becomes clearer again.


15 Questions That Will Change The Way You See Everything

Something we should all think about, shall fill in what I feel about them tomorrow.

Thought Catalog

Indecision is my Achilles’ Heel. There has not been a thing in my life of which I haven’t questioned a thousand times over. No decision has come without doubt, no act without hesitation. To put it in other terms: I question everything, and I know this isn’t abnormal per say. Introspective questioning is important, but the problem is that it often errs on the side of our faults. What we did wrong, how this person could hate us, and on and on.

I find that, ironically, the antidote to getting your mindset out of repetitive, unnecessary negativity is also a series of questions, of which I’ve learned to ask myself when I really need to shift the way I’m seeing or feeling about something. The following are ones to turn to when you need to look at things more objectively, gain a little perspective, or ease your mind out of a…

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